Aaron Digital Cable Box Decoders


We have been waiting since 1999. No one can hack the digital boxes. Some websites offer an add-on filter, but they only work in a very few areas and have many returns. You could go to the link below and buy a Pansat 3500S Complete System New 2005 Model , Dish/Antenna Package for $269. It comes pre-programmed (no card needed) with everything you would need to get ALL the Dish Network channels(pay-per-view ect...). If you already have a dish just buy the Pansat 2700A Receiver for $179.


We do have cable converter boxes and add-on descramblers available for the analog service, channels 2 through 99. Most of the cable companies that offer digital service also offer analog service. You need to find out which analog cable converter box they are using in your area, the rented cable converter box should allow you to order pay per view and premium services. Then refer to our HOME page and find a replacement cable converter box for that model #.

If you E-mail us with the model # of the digital box they are using in your area we will send you an E-mail as soon as something is available.

Please put your digital model # as the subject of your E-mail! We will be only answering these E-mail's after we have products available for that model #, so please do not expect a responce to any questions!


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